Rodrigo Fernandez Touza

MBA Candidate at Stanford University, San Francisco

Estados Unidos, 2018

Rodrigo is a MBA-MPA candidate at Stanford and Harvard, where he is researching technology applications to tackle poverty at scale, and aiming to launch a company with this objective. Born in Pontevedra, Spain, Rodrigo has lived in 10 countries across Europe, Asia, America and Africa while working at the intersection of technology and social impact: McKinsey & Co., Leapfrog Investments, and, a start-up measuring the social and environmental impact of all publicly traded companies. Rodrigo holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering by Universidad de Navarra, graduating 1st of his class. He is a La Caixa Fellow and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.



Estados Unidos, 2018

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Stanford University, CA

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Administración y dirección de empresas

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Universidad de Navarra

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Ingeniería y tecnología mecánica

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